Your Virtual Church Communications Manager

You do ministry. We’ll handle your church’s communications.

Fully-managed church communications at a fixed monthly rate

Reach More People

Change More Lives

Grow Your Church

Let’s be honest, you have too much on your plate already.

You shouldn’t have to also manage all of the ins and outs of modern church marketing. God didn’t call you to update WordPress Themes! 

  • PWebsites
  • PSocial Media
  • PWeekly/Monthly Email Blasts
  • PSeries Graphics

It’s all so time-consuming and a lot to learn if you want to do it well.

Stressful Church Communications

The vast majority of American churches are dying.

Yours doesn’t have to be one of them.

We take the grind of day-to-day digital communication off your plate

So you can focus on the ministries God called you to in the first place.

Take Back Your Time

Stop messing around with updating websites and scheduling social media posts. You have better things to do!


Focus On Your Call

God called you to ministry to impact people, not technology. Spend more time building relationships.

Expand Your Reach

You focus on your message and relationships, we’ll make sure people outside your building know you exist.

Clear Church Communications Stained Glass Speech Bubble

clear church mission

“Great ministry, communicated clearly, transforms lives and grows churches.”

We all got into ministry to make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. To do that, we need to be able to communicate with people outside our walls in clear and compelling ways. When we do that, more people meet Jesus and the world transforms. That’s why we do what we do.

Church Communication Support Female Pastor

You don’t need an in-house staff person to communicate well.

Most of the time, we can handle your church marketing remotely for less than you would pay all-in for a staff person and with more expertise than you can get for a part-time salary.

1. Schedule a Call

Set up a brief introductory call by phone or Zoom so we can learn how we might help you grow.

2. Clear Your Plate

As soon as we come onboard, we start working with your church to clarify your messaging and take tasks off your plate.

3. Focus on Relationships

With your church marketing fully managed, and your ministry leaders focused on people, your church will grow, and your community will transform.

Become a better church communicator one week at a time!

Every Tuesday morning, we send an email with actionable tips to help you become a better church communicator, better understand your neighbors, reach more people, and get more people to take action.

Imagine what you and your staff could do if these tasks were professionally managed.

Here are the ways we improve your ability to reach your neighbors and give you back your time (and sanity!)


Community Needs Analysis

We walk you through our framework for assessing the real needs and wants of the community surrounding your church so, together, we can craft a ministry and external communications plan that transforms your neighbors’ lives an grows your church. 


Church Messaging

Using a proven narrative framework, we help your church craft a clear overall messaging guide so your website, social media, and everything else are always consistent.


Church Websites

We build them, manage them, and host them (which means you’re not paying for hosting). Never worry about website issues again. We’ve got it covered.


Church Social Media

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether something needs to be posted, when, and how. We make your social media engaging while you build relationships.


Logo Design

Your church deserves a beautiful brand. We’ll work with you to design a beautiful brand and implement it across all of your assets.


Graphic Design

What do you need? Church events banners, flyers, posters, sermon graphics? We design it all. The only thing you pay for is professional printing if needed.


Digital Media

If you live stream your services, we’ll make sure the videos make it onto YouTube, Facebook, and that your website has a robust service archive available for members and visitors.



Sometimes, it’s just helpful to have an outside opinion on something. We’re here to help you think through messaging, communication, and ministry strategy.


Email Blasts

You let us know what you need sent out to your email lists and we’ll put together beautiful and clearly communicated emails that drive your people to action.


Paid Advertising

Churches should only pay for marketing when it has a high probability of working. We help you discern the best places to steward your money and manage your digital paid advertising.

What it’s like to work with Clear Church Comms

Effective church marketing that saves you money and grows your church.

We see it all the time. Your church has realized you need someone on staff dedicated to church communications. It’s become too much for ministry staff to manage well and no one has the high level of communication skills necessary to do the job well long term.

You need someone to build and manage the website, social media, design graphics and so much more. You put a job description out for a part-time staff person, because a full-time communications director isn’t in the budget, and one of two things happens.

  1. No one responds
  2. The candidates that do respond decline the job because their skills and experience are worth more than most churches can offer.

So, you either go back to the drawing board or settle for a church member who doesn’t have the effective communication skills and experience necessary to do church communications successfully so your church grows. This can be frustrating and demoralizing. 

At Clear Church Communications, we believe when great ministry is communicated clearly, lives are transformed and churches grow. That’s why we partner with churches to completely manage your digital communications so your pastors, ministry staff, and volunteers can focus on people.

We help you reach more people so you have the time to minister to them.

Here’s how to get started:

  • First, schedule a free discovery call. Help us understand exactly what you need so you can put focus back on ministry.
  • Second, we work with you to build a church marketing and communications strategy.
  • Third, you get put your focus back on ministry to your congregation and community, we’ll take care of your church communications.

So, schedule your free discovery call today. Stop wasting your time on the day-to-day grind of website updates and social media scheduling and focus your time on making a difference in people’s lives. 

Become a better church communicator one week at a time.

Every Tuesday morning, we send an email with actionable tips to help you become a better church communicator, better understand your neighbors, reach more people, and get more people to take action.

Get ready to grow! Your first tip is on the way.