Take back your time and become the prolific pastor you know you can be!

Grow your church and save it money in the process.




Reaching people online is hard and time-consuming

Yet, it is more important than ever for your church to have a strong digital presence. Unfortunately, putting in the effort your website and social media require means less time doing the things you’re passionate about in ministry.


Preparing Sermons


Building Relationships


Casting Vision

Church Communications Director Pastor Preaching

Every Pastor’s Focus Should Be Relationships and Ministry

We help you put your focus where it belongs. Here’s how we do it.


Clear Message

We help you develop a clear church message that invites your community into a story.

Simple Website

We develop and manage a new website that nudges your community toward action.

Engaged Social Media

We manage an engaged audience online with consistent and engaging social posting.

No pastor wants to spend their time on things that take away from ministry.


Endless hours YouTube-ing how to build and update your website


Staring at a screen wondering what to post to Facebook


Wasted time scheduling posts to multiple social networks


Coordinating with volunteers and staff to update websites

Take the next step to reclaiming your passion

Let us take church communications off your plate so you can do the ministry to which you’re called.

Schedule a Call

Let us know what is keeping you from doing the ministry you’re called to.


Clarity & Strategy

We help you create and implement a clear message and an effective online strategy.

Get Back to Ministry

With your communications covered, you can get back to the ministry you love.

A flat monthly fee that gives you peace of mind.

Only $1,249 per month!

Unlike most companies, we don’t charge down payments or hefty fees for websites, branding, and other traditionally high-dollar items. We charge a flat monthly fee of $1249/mo from the start. That way you don’t have any huge payments AND you get ongoing support while we’re working through the process of rebranding, website creation, and more. Schedule a call to get the details!

We save you money and give you back your time!

We know $1249/mo is a lot for many churches. You might think hiring a part-time staffer is going to be cheaper. Not only will it cost more, but you’re also not likely to find a communications and marketing professional for part-time pay. In addition to salary, you have to consider…

Payroll Taxes and Benefits

Computers, Smartphone, Tablet

Professional Software

Subscription Services

Training & Prof. Development

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We know how it feels to constantly be pulled from our ministry passion.

Hey! I’m Joe, owner of Clear Church Communications. As a former ministry leader myself, I know how hard it can be to maintain your focus on the calling you answered years ago. The demands of ministry these days are overwhelming. Not only are there so many more things to understand and know as a pastor today, there are many more mediums you have to be proficient at to be successful. It’s too much.

I started Clear Church Communications to help ministry leaders thrive in ministry online, while being able to put their focus on the personal relationships and outreach to which they were called.

At C3, we serve as your fractional church communications director so you can focus on building relationships and reaching people with the Gospel.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, schedule a call and let us know everything that is getting between you and the ministry you love. We’ll take the time to explain how we can remove those things from your life and free you to do amazing ministry.
  • Second, we’ll work with you, your staff, and your volunteers, to create a clear and compelling way of communicating to your community how your church helps them become who they are called to be. Then, we’ll develop your website and a social media strategy to reach them.
  • Finally, with a crystal clear message and fully managed church communications, you can get back to the ministry you were called to and are passionate about doing.

So, schedule a call today and take the first step to removing stress in ministry and returning to making a tangible impact in the community you serve.


Services we provide as your virtual church communications director.

Let us take all these tasks off your plate!

Website Creation & Management


Social Media Management

Logo Design/Branding


Communications Consultanting


Print Design

Sermon Podcasting

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