Transform Your Mission Field

by finding the right words to reach them

A generic message isn’t bringing anyone to church anymore.


Welcome Home!


You Belong Here!


Love Jesus


Connect, Grow, Serve

Sound familiar?

They need a church that understands their needs and is ready to help

Using StoryBrand for churches, we create a message to help you


your community into a story of transformation.


a vision for what your community’s life might become.


a clear path for your community to find transformation.

Great ministry, communicated clearly, transforms lives and grows churches.

Transforming your community doesn’t have to be so hard.


1. Craft Your Message

Find the words that resonate with your community.

2. Take it Digital

Implement your message on your website, social media, & more.

3. Transform & Grow

Build relationships to transform lives and grow your church.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Clear Church Communications has helped us craft a clear message and implement it on our websites, emails, social media, and other marketing material. Their greatest strength is their care for people and passion for organizations that serve people.

Ross Stackhouse

Lead Pastor, HeavenEarth Church

I went to Clear Church Communications with a concept, and what they created was a brand. I appreciated the way they carefully listened to my concept and provided careful thought into the branding outcomes. Once I received the final products of brand and website, I was thrilled as both exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend for all who are searching to make your faith community known.

Rev. Dr. Aleze M. Fulbright

Candidate for Bishop, United Methodist Church

Clear Church Communications is making a significant impact in our church. Owner, Joe Garrison, turned me on to the StoryBrand model and he has been teaching me how it works. With his help, as a StoryBrand Guide, we will completely renew our marketing as an organization. I recommend Clear Church without reservation.

David Scifres

Senior Pastor, Bradley UMC

Using StoryBrand for Churches

Did you know most people still want things churches already offer?

Community. Transformation. Purpose. Accountability. Something more to life.

The problem is they don’t want it from churches. Many people have come to distrust the church and its leaders. People don’t come to church out of obligation anymore. They need a good reason to darken the door of our sanctuary.

Today, a church’s message has to be more than, “Join us Sunday!” You have to tap into the real needs and feelings your community is experiencing and offer a tangible way to help.

Your church may already have ministries in place to meet the needs of your community, you just aren’t communicating them in ways your neighbors understand.

Using the StoryBrand framework, we help your church craft a message that invites your community into a story of transformation. They’ll understand why your church matters in their lives and how you help them find something more.

If your church is ready to reach your community and transform lives we want to work with you. Schedule a call and let’s talk about how creating the right message and a clear website helps you reach your community and grow your church.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does StoryBrand work for small churches?
Absolutely! StoryBrand works for any organization that uses words to connect, persuade, or impact people.
How does StoryBrand help our church reach our community?
StoryBrand helps your church reach your community by tapping into the issues they’re facing, how those issues make them feel, and positioning your church as guides to lead them to a better life.
How does StoryBrand make our social media more effective?
StoryBrand gives your church 7 “buckets” to pull from when crafting your social media calendar. Each month, you can take your BrandScript and pull from each bucket to create content that truly connects and resonates with your community.
Can I use StoryBrand to improve my sermons each week?
Of course! Story is the universal clarifier and engages our hearts and minds better than any other tool. Our brains are wired to respond to a story framework. Applying the StoryBrand framework to your preaching will not just help you tell stories, but transform your sermons into something that invites your congregation into their own story of transformation.
StoryBrand Guide for Churches

Leverage the StoryBrand Framework for your church.

Story is the universal clarifier. Here’s what most people get wrong…we tell OUR story thinking it will help people trust us. It doesn’t.

Instead, learn how to invite your community into an epic story of transformation that positions them as the hero and you as the guide. Take their hand and lead them to a relationship with Jesus.

Joe Garrison, founder of Clear Church Communications and Moonflower Marketing is a Certified StoryBrand guide.

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