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by | Mar 7, 2020

We believe, “great ministry, communicated clearly, transforms lives and grows churches.”

Every church has the potential to transform their community. Every. Church.

It doesn’t matter how big or small you might be. Each church has a ministry they can bring to their community to make lives better and introduce people to a life with Jesus.

In that, we believe when small churches are strong and healthy, communities are transformed.

Clear Church Communications is here to help you make a tangible difference in your communities by helping you make it crystal clear to them

  1. What you offer.
  2. How it makes their lives better.
  3. and How they can take-part.

We believe that when great ministry is communicated clearly, lives are transformed and churches grow.

Let’s take a deeper look.


Great Ministry

Your church offers great ministries. You understand your community and the needs that are present. You know how to help.

Whether you’re the only church in town or one of many, we believe every single church has a God-given unique ministry they are equipped to provide their surrounding community.

The list of possible ministries is endless, but you have one, or a few, that God has called you to provide your community to make a lasting impact and draw God’s people back to him.

Here’s the catch. It doesn’t matter how great your ministries might be if people don’t know you offer them or don’t understand why your ministries make a difference in their lives.

That’s where we come in.


Communicated Clearly

Great ministry is meaningless if you don’t communicate it clearly to your community.

People are bombarded with thousands of messages every single day. They are overwhelmed with organizations trying to sell something to them at every turn. Online, social media, TV, radio, billboards, you name it. Everywhere we look, someone is trying to get us to buy something or do something.

Your church is no different.

The only way to stand out in a noisy crowd is to speak VERY clearly so everyone can understand you.

Clear Church Communications offers resources, training, and communications support to churches to help you create clarity amid the noise of our everyday lives.

You don’t need the most clever message in town. You need the clearest message in town.

We’re here to help you understand how to create a clear message for your community so the great ministries you provide reach their ears and hearts.


Transforms Lives and Grows Churches

When your church has ministries that are truly life-changing, and you communicate that to your community in a way they easily understand, they will hear you and want to participate.

You can create a life-changing cycle of ministry and communication in your church.


We want to help you make a lasting impact.

Clear Church Communications isn’t here just to help you get more reach or likes on your Facebook page or help you utilize the latest trend in communications tools.

We’re here to help you transform the way you communicate with your community so that lives are transformed and your church grows.

To make that happen, we offer resources, training opportunities, and hands-on support for small to medium-sized churches across the United States.

Small churches matter and we want to help every single one of you become more effective in showing your communities how participating in your ministries will transform their lives for the better.

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