Small Churches Matter

by | Mar 7, 2020

Small churches matter. They matter just as much as large churches. Small churches carry no less responsibility to advance the kingdom than your local mega-church. Just think of how much better our communities would be if more churches were healthy.  Think about poverty, homelessness, crime, injustice and more.

How much better would these things be if more churches were healthy and connecting better with their communities?


1800+ Indiana Denominational Churches

Just look at how many churches from these denominations are scattered throughout our home state of Indiana.

  • United Methodist Church | 1200+
  • Southern Baptist Church | 400+
  • Lutheran | 236
  • PC-USA | 175

There are over 1800 churches throughout the state of Indiana. That does not even include non-denominational churches or other denominations’ churches. That is almost 20 churches PER INDIANA COUNTY. That seems like enough churches to impact all the citizens of the Hoosier state, right?


The Average Church is Small

According to their websites, the average church size for these denominations is as follows.

United Methodist Church | 231
Southern Baptist Church | 145
Presbyterian Church (USA) | 175
Presbyterian Church America | 240

Large churches are outliers. While there are many great things about large churches, there are many more small churches in more places. By that fact alone, if we could strengthen more small churches we would strategically be in a better position to impact more people.


Clear Church Communications Values Small Churches

A core belief of Clear Church Communications is this

  • Our communities are stronger in every way when small churches are healthy and effective.

There are many small churches that are already doing great things. There are many small churches that have tons of great ministries but struggle to communicate them well, so they fail. On top of that, there are many small churches that have amazing ideas for ministry in their communities but just can’t seem to get them off the ground.

I’ve found that many ministry problems boil down to communication problems. The ministries are great. The ideas are great. Yet, they’re just not getting their message across.

The congregation doesn’t get the point, so they don’t buy in and take part in ministry. So, the community never sees how the ministries will impact their lives, so they don’t connect.


It’s Why Clear Church Communications Exists

Clear Church Communications is here to help small churches reach more people and change more lives. We do that by helping you clearly communicate how what you offer will make people’s lives better.

The belief that when more churches are healthy and effective our communities are better off is core to who we are. We work every day to make that dream a reality.

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